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41m. moteris ieško vyro

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fanaka1, 41 m.

I'm 41 years old and it's not always easy to start a new relationship. I do not have any major problems, but my wish is to meet a man for leisure time together to lead a regular life together. I live in Turkey, Greater Istanbul city, I enjoy the togetherness, travel and read like. You will find out more details about me when you contact me. It may happen that this acquaintance becomes something bigger. Write me a message! I like to look into your profile. Contact me, even if you are looking for an acquaintance for a completely different reason or live far away from me. Maybe we can experience exactly with you, minutes, hours or years of happiness! Trust me, write me something about you, what you value and what attributes you think everyone should bring to a partnership. Let's chat, just to discuss what moves each of us and whether we also fit together. Bye for now

Moteris iš Vilniaus ieško vaikinai.
— 2019-01-07

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